MamaStay Toolkit - MamaStay
MamaStay Toolkit - MamaStay
MamaStay Toolkit - MamaStay
MamaStay Toolkit - MamaStay

MamaStay Toolkit

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Becoming a mom is a major life change, it’s filled with joy, laughs, sometimes tears, sleepless nights, and lots of rewards.

However, becoming a mom can cause an identity crisis — as a new mom, how do you take care of yourself, feel human, let go of the mom guilt, allow yourself some “me” time, but also do it fast?

Most postpartum kits pamper the baby, MamaStay pampers the mom - in a New York minute!

Our goal is to help fill the postpartum care gap that we lack in the western world and help moms have a mamastay moment amidst the chaos of new parenthood.

Included are some tools:
  • Delicate, moisturizing face wipes for those days you don’t have a moment to yourself, let alone to wash your face
  • Luxurious face mist to make you feel like you just had an upscale facial, but in 2-seconds;
  • eye cream—because, mama, you don’t want your postpartum period to result in premature wrinkles, so slather it on- you can keep it in your pocket (and a quick beauty secret is to use it on your lips as well); 
  • pima cotton socks because whether on a chilly winter day or a cool aid conditioned evening, a pair of cozy socks can make you feel like a #hygge queen.
  • Reusable silicone straw called Koffie Straw because moms need caffeine, but caffeine stains teeth and we want to preserve our pearly whites, even if we forget to brush now and then.
  • A pair of self massage balls from yoga tune up method, these bad boys can relieve tense and sore muscles as good as any masseuse - seriously, you’ll find videos on their site.
Enjoy, mama! And remember #selfcare to care — like they say on airplanes: 
If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your own mask first, and then assist the other person. 
—what initially seems like a selfish act at first, is actually a condition of being able to care for others.